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Video Reel

Mask for Me :30 Sec Spot

Credits: Producer, Designer, Editor, Writer, VO Talent

Google Fiber Installation Guide

Google Fiber + Udacity, Course

Credits: Producer, Video Production

Object-oriented Programming

Georgia Tech Undergrad, Olufisayo Omojokun

Credits: Producer, Designer, Editor

Software Analysis + Testing, Course

Georgia Tech OMSCS, Mayur Naik

Credits: Producer, Designer, Editor

Computational Journalism, Course

Georgia Tech OMSCS, Irfan Essa

Credits: Producer, Designer, Editor

Network Security, Course

Georgia Tech OMSCS, Wenke Lee

Credits: Producer, Designer, Editor

Facing Freedom, Documentary
Visual Artist Freedom Rodriguez

Credits: Producer and Co-director ​​

Pressing On, Artist Profile
Gospel Recoding Artist Mary Alessi 

Credits: Copywriter, Producer, Director and Post Producer.​​

Why The Health Not?, HLN Package
Weight Loss Subject Shana Dezelle

Credits: Co-Producer and Researcher

Life at 1/125th, Artist Profile
Photographer Andrew Michael Phillips 

Credits: Post Producer.

Rising Appalachia, Artist Profile
Musicians of Rising Appalachia

Credits: Editor and Post Producer.​​

Antileon, Artist Profile
Photographer Stephanie Eley

Credits: Producer, Director, Editor and Director of Photography.

Ingles Virtual Infomercial

Language Program

Credits: Copywriter, Producer, Director and Post Producer.​​

BANAH, Corporate Video

Banah Sugar Corporation

Credits: Field Producer, Director

Slimvia, Infomercial

Nutrigenics Corporation

Credits: Copywriter, Producer, Director 

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