Work Experience


In this hybrid role, I perform tasks as a traditional instructional technologist, media producer and instructional designer all in one. Using leading principles of instructional design, I produce, design and edit interactive project-based online courses for Georgia Tech's online degree programs for a variety of platforms including Canvas, Udacity, and Edx. Additional duties include project management, platform training for SMEs, presentation design, graphic design, platform-centric HTML + CSS, digital asset management, and all elements of video production.

Georgia Institute of Technology, February 2018 - Present

Learning and Design Specialist (Instructional Technologist)


As a remote instructional technologist, I design and edit content for interactive project-based courses for a variety of Northwestern's master's programs for the Canvas LMS. Additional duties include presentation design, graphic design, platform-centric HTML + CSS, digital asset management and some elements of video post-production.

Northwestern University, January 2019 - Present

Remote Instructional Technologist


Using leading principles of instructional design I produced, designed and edited interactive project-based online courses for Georgia Tech's online master's degree in computer science. Additional duties included project management, platform training for professors, content management and all elements of video production. 

Udacity, May 2015 - February 2018

Video Producer


Primary duties include communicating daily with clients to receive and process log materials, including the recording, screening and ingesting of ABC syndicated shows, national spots and promos for eight major affiliate stations via satellite feeds, FTP servers and tapes. Additional duties include verifying assets in the iTX database, aggressively monitoring live feeds and resolving technical or scheduling issues for each station.

Encompass Digital Media, September 2014 - May 2015

Sr. Broadcast Coordinator, ABC Television Group

CNN iReport, June 2014 - August 2014

iReport Intern

Primarily responsible with verifying user-submitted content for use online and on-air via the CNN iReport platform. Writing stories and producing photo galleries for the web. Assisting with editorial planning, content research, community engagement and social media management. Curated and managed the CNN travel photo of the day.

SCAD Atlanta, March 2014 - May 2014

Equipment Technician

Primary duties include facilitating equipment rentals for students and faculty, managing equipment inventory, assisting students with equipment related questions and technical issues. As well as monitoring industrial printer ink levels and maintenance. Additional duties include mixing and maintaining chemistry for the dark rooms and accommodating classes with simple requests.

CNN Image + Sound, January 2014 - March 2014

Video Journalist Intern

Primary duties included assisting with in studio production and video editing. Gripping, teleprompter operation and script supervising for live production. Assisting with logging interviews and aiding post-production editors with simple requests, such as editing SOT/VO elements.


CNN Special Projects, September 2013 - December 2013

Special Projects Intern

Assisted producers and associate producers with all production needs. Primary duties include logging interviews, story research, fact checking, asset management for obit packages and coordinating shoots. Additional duties include co-producing packages for air, pitching segments and drafting lead-ins. 

Imagenius January 2009 - July 2012

Freelance Commercial Producer

Operated as a freelance media professional on a variety of direct response projects for television. Skills included coordinating productions, supervising post-production and managing client accounts to ensure budget efficiency and project completion. Additional skills include writing, producing and directing infomercials for international markets as well as securing voice over talent and casting actors.

Freelance Experience

Director/Producer ​

• "Facing Freedom” Social Documentary – Imagenius/LaFrance Films – August 2013 - 2015

 "Antileon Artist Promotional Video – Imagenius – August 2013

"Starving for the Grade” Mini Documentary – Imagenius – April 2013

• “Life at 1/125” Artist Promotional Video– Imagenius – February 2013

“Slimvia” DRTV Infomercial – Imagenius – May 2012
HVS: Heat Program” Corporate Video on Location: Haiti – Rhino Studios – Sep 2011
"BANAH" Corporate Video on Location: Colombia - Village Films - Jul  2011
"Goslimliu" DRTV Infomercial -   Village Films - March 2011
"Ingles Virtual" DRTV Infomercial -  Village Films - Feb 2011
"Whirl-A-Style" DRTV Infomercial -   Village Films - Nov 2010
"Pressing On" Artist Promotional Video - Rhino Studios - Aug 2010


• "Figuretta"  DRTV Infomercial - Imagenius Creative -- Oct 2011
"Slimvia"  DRTV Infomercial - Imagenius Creative -- Apr 2011
"H-Greg Auto Auction"  DRTV Infomercial - Imagenius Creative -- Apr 2011
"Ingles Virtual"  DRTV Infomercial - Imagenius Creative -- Feb 2011
"Whirl-A-Style" DRTV Infomercial - Imagenius Creative -- Nov 2010
"Pressing On"  Artist EPK - Imagenius Creative -- Aug 2010

Production Coordinator 

“Out of Bounds” Web Series – Catwalk Productions -- Feb 2012
“HVS: Heat Program” Corporate Video on Location: Haiti – Rhino Studios -- Sep 2011
"H-Greg Auto Auction" DRTV Infomercial - Village Films --  Apr 2011

Production Assistant ​

“Bad Girls Club Atlanta” (Crew/Art PA) TV Series – Bunim-Murray – Jun/Oct 2012

“Once Once” (Art PA) TV Series – Somos Productions -- Jun 2012
“Hugo Boss Golf Tips” (Crew PA) Web Series – Rhino Studios -- Mar 2012
“Kingsford Grilling” (Art PA) TV Commercials – Adrienne Hammel -- Jan 2012
“Hotel Nacional” (Set PA) Music Video- Estefan Film & Television, Inc. -- Jan 2012
"Burn Notice Season 5" (Art PA) TV Series - TVM Productions -- Mar 2011

"Khloe & Lamar: Together Forever" (Logger) TV Series – Bunim-Murray -- Mar 2011
"Ocho Cinco: The Ultimate Catch" (Crew PA)  TV Series - 51 Minds -- Jun 2010
"Bad Girls Club Miami" (Crew PA) TV Series – Bunim-Murray -- May/Jun 2010
"Monkton Family Christmas" (Set PA) Short Film - Navarro Pictures -- Aug 2007

"Slice of Life" Social Media Campaign for Remy Martin- Stephanie Eley Photography -- Jul 2018

"Kaskader Magazine: Stuntmen of Hollywood" Photo Editorial - Stephanie Eley Photography -- Jul 2016

"WanderLuxe" Photo Editorial - Stephanie Eley Photography -- Jul 2013

• "Queen of Sorrow" Photo Editorial - Stephanie Eley Photography -- Jun 2013

"Percentage" Feature Film – Swirl Films/KFU Productions -- Oct-Nov 2011

Art Director

Audio Operator

• "aTVfest: Creating Co-Viewing Apps" Live Event – SCAD Atlanta -- Feb 2013

• "aTVfest: Channeling Integrated Media" Live Event - SCAD Atlanta -- Feb 2013

• "aTVfest: Beyond Passive Entertainment: TV Everywhere" Live Event - SCAD Atlanta -- Feb 2014

• "aTVfest: Deconstructing the Co-production Deal" Live Event - SCAD Atlanta -- Feb 2014

Camera Operator

"TEDx Peachtree: Catalyze" Live Event – SCAD Atlanta -- Nov 2013

 "aTVfest: Demystifying the Development ProcessLive Event – SCAD Atlanta -- Feb 2014



Cell: (786) 259-5145


Skype: taliaday

Twitter: @taliamday


Skills Overview

Producing for Film/Television

Post-production Supervising

Production Coordination

Script Supervising

Video Production 


Producing for Film/Television

Creative Directing

Visual Design​

Set Design/Set Dressing

Art Direction

Video Editing

Lighting and Audio for Film/TV​

Camera Operating

DSLR Photography

Basic HTML

Social Media Marketing


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe XD

Adobe Acrobat

Movie Magic Budgeting

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

CMS3 Elements

CNN Guestbook






Sketchbook Pro

Studio Suite



Media Silo

Final Draft

Final Cut Pro







HD Cameras

DSLR Cameras

Profoto Lighting

Kino-Flo Lighting Gear

Arri Lighting Gear

Lowell Lighting Gear

Boom Mics and Lavs

Mac Interface

PC Interface

Social Media















Quality Matters - Online Certification

Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) Certificate, 2019

General Assembly - Atlanta, Georgia

Product Management Certificate, 2018

General Assembly - Atlanta, Georgia

User Experience Design Certificate, 2018

Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta, Georgia

 B.A. Television Producing, 2014 Magna Cum Laude

Coursework included Line Producing, Live Event Production, Survey of Television, Segment Producing, Field Producing and Television Post Production.

Miami Dade College - Miami, Florida

 A.A. Mass Communications 2008 - A.S. Film Production Technology 2010