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Antileon Promo Video for SEe Photography

This semester I subjected myself to three lecture classes knowing that I probably would never get a chance to touch a camera. So I teamed up with another SCAD Student, Stephanie Eley to work on a variety of projects just for the love of it. That is, until my Survey of TelevisionProfessor decided to assign a great final project in which we had to create promotional content for the web or second screen.

I decided to piggyback on the work Stephanie and I had already planned and chose to create a promotional video for her Antileon Photo Shoot. The photo/video shoot took place in the Arabia Mountains on a cold and rainy summers day, but that didn't stop me from getting some great shots. The Interview was filmed on location at SCAD Atlanta in the Photo Studio.

The music was provided by and the song is by LJ Kruzer titled "Chanteliers Naval 412". The fashion film footage was provided by PRADA from their Prada Candy L'EAU short film which can be seen here in its entirety. The inspirational photograph was create by photographer Patricio Direnzo for his Dream 45 series. I do not own the rights to the music, inspirational photo or Prada footage.

You can check out more of Stephanie Eley's work at here and view my demo reel by clicking My Video Reel above.

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